Advanced Hypnosis Center

Advanced Hypnosis Centers

Clinical & Comedy Hypnosis

Business Phone:  863 510 9279
Email: [email protected]
Twitter:  @AdvancedHypnosi

About Advanced Hypnosis Centers:
If you are looking for a comedy hypnosis show, or a clinical hypnotist, we offer the best hypnotist stage show, and hypnosis is the best way to rid yourself of any bad habits, fears, or issues. We also hold one on one sessions and live seminars for loose weight hypnosisquit smoking hypnosis, and other areas of interest. Join our newsletter and “Like” us to stay updated on all our live events.

Hypnosis is NOT magic or witch craft. It is a way of bypassing the conscious mind, and offering suggestions to the subconscious mind. Lakeland Hypnotist Mike Valmar, will explain what hypnosis is, what hypnosis can be used for, and how it feels to be hypnotized.

If you are looking to quit smokingloose weight, have better self esteem, deal with stress, or any other personal issues or problems, then our certified hypnotist is just what you need. We also have a excellent Comedy Hypnosis Show that will keep you laughing till you cry. If you are a business, or school, our hypnosis comedy shows are also offered as a NO COST fundraiser.

Please take a few minutes to check out the links above, and see what Advanced Hypnosis Centers and hypnosis can do for you.



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