JetBlue Airlines Offers Free Flights

As names of the victims; injured and deceased, start to be released, JetBlue Airlines is offering assistance the best way they can, free flights. The airline is graciously donating free flights to and from Orlando for the immediate family members, spouses and domestic partners of the victims of Sunday’s terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The carrier, who has strong ties with Orlando and trains all of its employees there, confirmed their offer today.

JetBlue Orlando free flights shooting“JetBlue is providing free seats on its available flights to/from Orlando for immediate family and domestic partners of victims who were killed or injured,” an airline spokesperson explained.


At least fifty people have been confirmed dead and many more are hospitalized or injured after the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  Saturday was ‘Latin Night’ at Pulse, and many of the victims’ families live in Puerto Rico, which is another popular JetBlue destination. For more information on the free flights to and from Orlando, JetBlue says parties should call 1-800-JETBLUE.

  • The airline is also issuing fee waivers for customers who have tickets for traveling to and from Orlando and need to make last-minute changes to their travel plans.

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Allegiant Air Offers Support to Families

Allegiant Airlines is making a similar offer for flights in and out of Orlando Sanford Airport.  This was the statement posted to their Facebook page on Monday.allegiant air orlando sanford shooting

“We began flying to Orlando / Sanford 11 years ago. In that time, we’ve flown more than 13 million people to and from the Orlando area. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends and family. It breaks our hearts to know that a community that we have entrenched ourselves in so deeply is in pain, but it also brings us pride to see the world rally around Orlando with so much support and love. ‪#‎OrlandoUnited‬

If you, your family or friends were affected by what happened this weekend, we want to help. Whether you need to fly to or from the Orlando area, please write into us at [email protected] and tell us. We will do what we can to help you. You can see where we fly to / from Orlando here:”


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