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Business Card Promotions

Normally our business cards are 1000 Full color 2-sided 14pt *thick* for $40 shipped to your door with our custom design or yours. Then we discovered how great business cards could be used as flyers or coupons. After that, we realized what better way for a company to gain exposure than for a business outside their personal network to hand out a ton of cards for a promotion. Thus spawning our “Business Card Promotions” division.

For $75.00 we will design, order, and deliver 500 business cards to your door. The other 500 cards we will pass out, trade, sell, barter, etc to get them in the hands of new clients/customers/fans.

If you are interested in our business card promotions, please fill out the form below and select the box.

Does you project not have enough reviews and you think it may be hindering you from gaining clientele or exposure?
Fill out the short form below and we will setup a meeting then check out your project thoroughly and write a positive review.

Interested in utilizing our Secret Shopper Program? Fill out the form below and we will get in contact. If you are a restaurant, we only ask for you to comp or reimburse us for the meal.