January 2011
www.BigHarryDeals.com, owned Wes and Liz Craven, publishers of Woman to Woman Mag and Elder Care Guide have been in business in Polk for 18 yrs and are proud to present BigHarryDeals.com.
Company Overview
What is www.BigHarryDeals.com?BigHarryDeals.com took the same group buying concept of sites like Groupon and LivingSocial and added a charitable giving component to it. Every morning, website subscribers receive deals in their email inbox on products and services that are discounted 50% to 90% off of the business’s regular prices. Every day is a different deal and every week there is always some…See more
BigHarryDeals.com attracts new customers to local businesses in a way that breaks the mold of traditional advertising and the group buying models like Groupon and LivingSocial. Businesses and consumers are brought together not just by a great featured deal, but for a cause as well. Through our business model, your business will have access to a vast new group of customers that are faithful and loyal supporters of the groups they belong to, and now you have the opportunity to earn their loyalty too!
To bring local businesses, consumers and charitable organizations together in a way that is collectively beneficial.
Deeply discounted vouchers for products and services of local businesses.
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