Bubba "Whoop Ass" Wilson Live at Winners Circle Saturday Night
Bubba “Whoop Ass” Wilson Live at Winners Circle Saturday Night
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  • Bubba “Whoop Ass” Wilson Live at Winners Circle Saturday Aug 24th, 2013Burt “Bubba Whoopass” Wilson was born Donald Burton Wilson Jr. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he began honing his musical and comedic skills at an early age. After graduating from high school in the 70s, he became one of the founding members of Clutch, the phenomenal 50s & 60s-type show band, which toured extensively nationwide. Clutch was very widely known across the Southeast, and especially here in Florida. It was also during this time when the character of “Bubba” began taking shape. (By the way, in September 2012, Clutch was paid the extreme honor of being inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame!)

    Through all the twists and turns in his life, Burt has stuck close to music and laughter. He’s performed for crowds of thousands, in venues from The Hard Rock and The House of Blues, to more than one local watering hole. He’s shared just about every corner of his life with tens of thousands of fans and listeners. But, behind all of his best efforts, is always Burt “Bubba Whoopass” Wilson’s heart-felt desire to entertain and provide laughter to those he comes into contact with, whether it be over the airwaves, on stage, or in person.

    Fan Page on Facebook: Burt ” Bubba WhoopAss” Wilson WWW.BURTWILSON.NET

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