Chateau Brieann!  – Review
Short & Sweet by Diner101

Alright, I know it’s been awhile since my last review…but who cares anyway!    So I decided to visit a new little place on South Florida Ave., Chateau Brieann  (old Steak & Ale).  I can say this place has a much better feel than the old Steak & Ale!  Right off the bat, I noticed fresh paint and some good décor!  I decided since it was lunch to give the Chicken Wrap a shot, and let me say, this was a great choice!  The wrap was very good and was refreshing having sliced apples in it. The only thing I can say negative about it was the lime sauce, it lacked a bit of sweetness that would have put it over the top in my book!  My friend who I was with ordered some sort of sliced steak sandwich on Texas toast (yes, I didn’t look at the damn name on the menu for this one so it will have to do! )  and I can say that looked amazing and he said it was delicious!  One great thing as well is their bar looks incredible as well!  I can’t wait to visit that after work sometime!   Now their website needs some work, as I found it annoying that their menus don’t work and report broken links!  Get that fixed and they are all set!

I give Chateau Brieann 4 out 5 stars and is a must place to visit!

And that’s the Short & Sweet by Diner101

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