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I’ll start with the positive about this place, Mario’s Italian Restaurant off of Edgewood Drive in Lakeland Florida!  The atmosphere was fantastic, to the hostess at the front door with a greeting smile and the great music selection being played over the system.  When you walk in the revamped front door you almost feel as if you walked into a little place in Italy!  But I knew I was in for a long night after speaking to the server!

Right away I had to ask for a drink after sitting for 10 minutes and was told by the server he would take drink orders when my other guests arrive.  Really?  (I could understand this being on a weekend night, but on a Monday night with only 5 to 6 tables?)  So, you want someone to sit and wait for the other parties before you will get them a drink? Ok….well moving on.

After my party arrives; we wait another 35 minutes to finally get appetizer orders in place along with the main course.  Again, drinks being empty most of the time and having to ask for refills, did I mention it took 20 minutes to even get bread out to the table?  I must say, after all of this the first appetizers arrive, the Anti-Pasta I can say was fantastic….this saved the appetizers in my opinion because the muscles lacked flavor in the sauce, it was missing something, very bland!  Onto the main course, I ordered the Chef’s Macaroni, it was better on the menu then in my mouth that is for sure,  it was Easy Mac with crumbles and parmesan cheese and some Pancetta (needless to say I could have made this at home and saved about $15 dollars!)

Now here is the kicker, not ONCE did the management approach our table to even apologize about the almost three hour dinner service! But the meal was comp’ed even though the server had to tell us….and I did lose my cool with the hostess trying to help….and did apologize at the door to her before I left.

So all and all I would give the new Mario’s Italian Restaurant a one fork out of five!   I’m diner101 and this is my short and sweet on Mario’s Italian Restaurant!

Next week – Staying in the theme of Italian food, Maggiano’s Little Italy in Tampa Fl off West Shore!


*Disclaimer: The review above is written by freelance writer “Diner101”.  The views of this writer do not reflect those of 863area.com, staff, or management and are solely for informational purposes.  In other words, don’t come whining to us if you don’t like what you read….but definitely praise us & diner101 if you do.  The comment section below is “open” as well!


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