Final Socialite

The Final Week to Party at The Socialite in Downtown Lakeland; Venue to Close After the Weekend

“Well theres always the famous cliché “All good things must come to an end” & in this case it seems appropriate! I am announcing The Final Party, Jan. 17th will be the closing date of The Socialite & the last time the doors will ever open on pine street FORVER, Ive thought about this long & hard,with consideration of my health including & its time. I want to thank everyone who has supported The Socialite from city officials, to lakeland business leaders,to our faithful customers & of course my past & present employees. As a lot of my great friends have said “its been a great run” and to that is has! Thank you very much to all. ” – Owner Michael “Mykeymike” Zavolas

The above was a post on Facebook from the popular entertainment venue owner last week as he formally announced that Saturday Jan 17th will be the final party at the downtown Lakeland hotspot known as The Socialite. The venue is preparing to close it’s doors after 3 years of memorable events.

While the late night crowd was packed mostly with those enjoying college life, The Socialite also boasted a quiet side where groups of friends would meet for some of the best martini’s and happy hour pricing in town. For a year, they also opened for lunch, showcasing delicious menu items that still cannot be duplicated anywhere else in town. On the staff side, The Socialite boasted some of the most genuine people in the industry; who could turn down a good conversation with Joel, Codie, or Katie…. three of the Socialite’s key staff members.

“For us here at 863area, it’s a very sad week. Seeing a venue like The Socialite close is a major bummer. Nightlife atmosphere’s of all kinds are found throughout Polk county, from Sportsbars to Pubs…but not many of them are upscale nightclubs where people can go to dance and let loose. Further, there are not a lot of places supporting local and national DJ’s, hosting bands of all genre’s, and supporting the downtown events like The Socialite does. During the last few years, The Socialite was avid in its mission of keeping the local nightlife alive in downtown Lakeland. One less bar, restaurant, club, and/or music venue every couple years will lead to downtown being just another business center. Our staff is very sad to say goodbye to such a great spot and we wish everyone success in their future endeavors” said 863area Founder TJ Alcock


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