Florida’s House of Representatives has voted 111 to 7 in favor of Senate Bill 1030, a measure to legalize medical cannabis extracts. The proposal was approved by the Senate on Thursday with a 36 to 3 vote.

After the super-majority vote in favor of the measure in the House, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced that if the measure gets to his desk, he’ll sign it into law, an announcement that surprised many given his staunch anti-cannabis opinions. Senate Bill 1030 was altered slightly in the House, so it will be up for one more Senate vote – expected Friday – before heading to Governor Scott.
Once signed into law, Senate Bill 1030 will allow those in the state who receive a recommendation from a physician to legally possess and use low-THC cannabis extracts (such as oils, tinctures and teas) for medical purposes.
Article via TheJointBlog

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