Comedy Night w/ Mike Weldon!
Seating at 8pm, Show 9pm-11pm

Mike admits to having started in Texas, and like
another native of the Lone Star State, the
armadillo, he eventually began migrating
eastward. Where he honed his skills in comedy,
impressions, and story telling. His repertoire of
voice characterizations includes the famous as
well as the infamous. This includes the Disney
cast of heroes and villains, Warner Brothers
cartoons, as well as people he’s met in real life.

He admits to being a big movie fan. But when
goes to the movies he likes recasting all the
parts. Think about it! Edith Bunker, Scarlett
O’Hara, or Sean Connery as a Rap Star. Any
comedian worth his shtick can do Presidents of
the United States, but Mike out does them all
when he puts on the “Presidential Card Game”.

Going to a Mike Weldon show is like, having
your own demented guide into the world where
everything does not need to be taken so


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