Lakeland Food Truck Rally - Every Second Thursday
Lakeland Food Truck Rally – Every Second Thursday

EVERY Second Thursday from 6-9pm

Featuring 20+ trucks from all over central Florida! More trucks and more variety to help alleviate some of the long lines! Come out and sample unique (and delicious) foods. Stroll through downtown and window shop. Drop into one of our restaurants or bars and grab a drink. Discover something new to love about Downtown Lakeland!

Lakeland, the food trucks are motoring your way! This evening’s rally will be in the beautiful Munn Park (201 East Main Street) from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. Here’s some of the featured trucks:

Rollin Zoinks Truck
Lizziecakes, LLC
Mobile Munchiez
Just Smokin BBQ
The Cheesesteak Truck
Dochos Concession
Pasta Bowl Food Truck
Bem Bom Food
The Big Cheese
Treehouse Truck
Fork In The Road
Gator Country
Off The Griddle
Der Wurstwagen
Tallulah’s Table by the Sea
The poor porker
Got Candy
Just The Goods
SRQ Curbside Cafe
Jimmy Meatballs
Nico’s Arepas Grill
Fat Tortillas Southwest Grill

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