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  • What Lakeland has to offer?
  • What makes this city so special?
  • Is there a place for you?

Just between Tampa and Orlando with a growing population of over 93,000 Lakeland is located in Polk County – voted in 2007 as the All-American County.

Did you know that in 1883 Lakeland’s citizens were to name their town Munnville in recognition of Abraham G. Munn, a Kentucky businessman who purchased 80 acres which the town was located? Due to the serenity of the many lakes surrounding this great community in Central Florida – the Lovely City of Lakes became “Lakeland”

What Lakeland has to offer

Lakeland has 38 named lakes – the most visited lakes are near downtown Lakeland at Lake Hollingsworth – 3 miles of prime location for jogging, bicycling, walking, exercise and nature, Lake Mirror – a great place of art and design with the background of the botanical Hollis Garden & Barnett Park, Lake Morton – the trademark location for our mute swans, wild life and bird sanctuary. From the ½ mile circumference of Lake Wire and the 22 square mile of Lake Parker – each and every lake is unique providing its residents with great recreational opportunities.  Lakeland has the appeal of small town flair with its big city sophistication.

The downtown Lakeland location including the Dixieland neighborhood and various districts such as Lake Morton Districts has undergone extensive renovation influenced by its own charm, constructing pedestrian friendly walking areas. Moreover, predominantly enhancements were completed with gorgeous manicured lawn around Munn Park and the Antique District.

A fine collection of specialty shops, such as art galleries, boutiques, antique stores and a General Store, as well as exceptional dining facilities and cafes that enhances the quality of the City of Lakeland are all within leisurely strolling distance of Munn Park.

What makes this city so special?

Annually, the city of Lakeland in conjunction with local sponsors hosts a number of fairs and festivals throughout the year. Each spring, one of the nation’s largest conventions, the Sun n’Fun Fly-In is held in Lakeland, drawing nearly 150,000 aviation enthusiasts from around the world, making Lakeland’s Regional Linder Airport one of the busiest airports in the world during this event. The downtown area is the site of many of the town’s activities, such as First Fridays, Farmer’s Market, Maifaire by the Lake, classic car shows, Lakeland Red, White & Kaboom – 4th July celebration, annual Christmas parade in December.

In recent years Money Magazine ranked Lakeland at the 10th “Best Place to Live in America” among medium sized cities in the South, referring to issues such as affordable housing, public safety, modern health care and school systems. The city also enjoys an ideal subtropical climate that averages a balmy 72 degrees per year. With such a pleasant climate, outdoor activities are extremely admired in Polk County.

Lakeland residents tend to be highly involved in the community. The numerous volunteer groups and service organizations in the area have a strong presence in Lakeland and it shows when visiting such venues such as the Lakeland Community Theater, The Imperial Symphony Orchestra, SPCA, Lakeland Habitat for Humanity, Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine, just to name a few.

Lakeland is known to its residents when being asked where you live in Lakeland to give an answer to live in North Lakeland or South Lakeland. To us there is no distinction or separation between the two besides the name; living in North Lakeland or South Lakeland has many valuable aspects and while we have traveled the roads of Lakeland, each location and each neighborhood brings value and its own characteristics to the city of Lakeland.

Is there a place for you?

You may now recognize that Lakeland has plenty to offer, nonetheless its closeness to Orlando and Tampa provide its residents with the opportunity to visit such notorious attractions as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World and Epcot. While visiting the Kennedy Space Center, the Daytona Speedway and the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean you may realize that Lakeland is the perfect fit for you.

The City of Lakeland’s financial stability along with many local contributors and philanthropists providing support for its citizens quality health care, convenient public transportation, an established public school system, and great inexpensive tourist attractions, such as the beautiful Hollis Botanical Garden and the adjacent Barnett Park, the Polk Museum of Arts, the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern College, and the Florida Air Museum, just to name a few.

Majority of the Lakeland resident’s workforce finding employment in the wholesale and the retail trade sector, as well as in the manufacturing, production, mining, tourism, distribution and service industries.

Lakeland, Florida may well just be the biggest little small town in America. With a cozy feel, friendly neighbors, and surely something to offer residents of all ages, Lakeland is truly one of America’s finest cities that we call home.

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