If you are a local entertainer looking for more exposure for your project through our 30,000 person network; utilizing our directory listings will be a quick way to start gaining exposure through OUR company promotions.

We are working hard everyday to increase our network and our website traffic.  Our goal is to help promote local bands to get more exposure in polk county. We are 863area.com, a subsidiary of the marketing agency TBAproductions, and we are here to help you gain exposure from our daily promotional work!



A FREE directory listing includes:

Your page name at : www.863area.com/directory/bands/yourpagename

Logo, Name, Website Link, 5 keywords
To get yours today:  Email –  [email protected] w/ name, logo, website link, & keywords of your choice


A Basic directory listing includes:

Your page name at : www.863area.com/directory/bands/yourpagename

Logo, Name, 5 Website Links, Booking Contact & Email Numbers Listed, 10 keywords to be searched by through our database.

$10 per month



Your premium directory listing includes:

1-page informational website built into our network at www.863area.com/directory/yourpagename.

Complete w/ full details including, but not limited to:  Your Logo, Full “about us” article, Project Name, address, phone, contact email, map, all appropriate website & social network links to reach your business, 2 video’s/podcast/photo’s, & more!
– A section for clients, customers, & fans to leave positive reviews & comments.
– A contact form setup for referrals to come in right from our site.
– A coupon adspace position

Promotional Exposure Through Our Network

– Two to three posts per month through our social networks promoting your business/band/concept on our website.
*Not quite as many posts with our featured advertisers, who get promoted DAILY through from main page exposure & social network marketing, but hey…..they are paying anywhere from $25-$100 per week and you are paying $25 per month… Upgrade to any featured adspace packages and get your premium directory listing for FREE!
(click here to view our “Featured” packages starting at $25 per week)

Search Engine Optimization
 Every page of our site is search engine optimized, from the content to the photos!  Promotion through our site will gain you traffic via direct linking from our pages on many of the top search engines of the world!

– Inclusion into our website search engine w/ 5 keywords selected by us and 5 keywords selected by you.
This will help our visitors to find you when searching our site.
*additional keyword packages available for purchase.

You can view a few of our premium directory listings here:

Dining: Winners Circle Sportsbar

Service:  Moffitt Photography

Entertainer:  DJ Mykeymike


863area.com Premium Directory Listing Subscription

6 month contract : $20.00USD – monthly


*Listing will automatically renew every 30 days for the life of your contract length.

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