Little Italy with Big Taste!

Maggiano’s Little Italy

On the way to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary and the USA vs. Panama game we decided to stop into Maggiano’s Little Italy off Westshore in Tampa!  We walked in and the place was going off like a night club!  Busy is an understatement!  But with a small wait at the hostess stand they proceeded to seat us immediately at our table.  It took the server less than 5 minutes to greet us and promptly took our order!   I can tell you, the atmosphere was not a good as Mario’s in Lakeland and had a obvious “chain restaurant” feel to it!  I ordered the Crab & Shrimp Cannelloni which was excellent for this type of place!  The Crab was plump and a ton of it, they did skimp on the shrimp a bit but I soon didn’t mind being I’m a crab lover, and was slightly on the heavy side, but the food was reasonable priced at around the $15 to $25 price range and the portions were huge.  I can’t stress enough how great the service was, constantly at the table asking if we needed anything, and drinks filled, only thing that was a little slow was the service well from the bar…..although the rum and cokes were very tasty and a little strong….our advantage I guess!

Again, for a “chain restaurant” I’d give Maggiano’s a  4 out of 5 forks!

Next week – Back in Lakeland to review another hot spot!


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