Let me start by saying, I’ve been to this place a few times and to be honest the service was hit or miss!  But I can say this time was different!  I decided to go in and try these famous wings that everyone rages about in town!  As I pulled up in my car, first thing I noticed is the parking situation.  The parking lot is a bit tough to maneuver through and if it gets full you have to cross the street to park at a bank!  But that being said, I guess I could use the walk considering my fat size and lack of a fitness program!  LOL

I decided to sit at the bar this time and right away the bartender was there to take my order.  I ordered a Left Hand (Stranger) and some of the Sweet Jalapeno Wings.  My order came out piping hot and within 20 minutes!  Let me tell you, they lived up to the hype!  These wings are some of the best wings I’ve had in Lakeland! (Taking my personal top spot from Winners Circle’s “Chippy” wings!  I’ll save that for another review. )   The wings were sweet with just enough heat!  I highly recommend stopping by Natalie’s Sports Bar & Grill and grapping some of these great wings!  I was also told the Pina Colada wings are to die for as well, another visit by the Diner in order?  I think so!!!!

I give this Lakeland hot spot a 4 out of 5 forks!

See you at the table! ( or bar!)


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