Getting ready early! Save the date for the best event of the year!What is SantaCon, you ask? SantaCon is part flash mob, part procession, part bar crawl and part spreading holiday cheer. So get out those red suits and join us for some reindeer games!!Who: Anybody who dresses up as Santa, Santa’s elves, Santa’s Reindeer, Mrs. Claus or anything else holiday related. We need all kinds of Santas for our invasion…we need you Ninja Santa, how about Pirate Santa and of course no SantaCon will be complete without a Cowboy Santa. Holiday apparel is mandatory! A Santa hat is not enough.Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. Paint on a Santa suit. Borrow a Santa suit.
No money? Be creative!
Glue cotton balls to red long johns. Make it purple. Make it pink.
Already have a Santa suit? Make a spare so Santa can assimilate strangers.
What: An afternoon adventure spreading joy and good cheer while enjoying a drink along the way.Why: Because nothing is more fun than being part of a hundred Santas ho ho ho’ing around the city, surprising tourists, kids and bar patrons.

Where: We’ll be invading the streets and pubs of downtown Lakeland. Starting place and route to be determined. Stay tuned!

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