Don’t have the time to fiddle with internet social network promotion. Let TBAproductions take care of you. While the top 2 social networking sites (facebook & twitter) are completely free to setup accounts on and utilize as promotional tools, many business owners do not understand just how to run these sites on a daily basis in order to maximize the attention their followers.

We have been social network managers for nearly 8 years now and nearly one hundred clients whose pages we admin and run promotional marketing. Many, you would never even know we were there working for…as it is all done behind the scenes. Our social network management can get your brand in the top of the search engines, literally, overnight and help you gain exposure to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With targeted marketing, daily posts and event listings, your followers will be reminded every day that you are there for them and still an active project!

Our social network management services guarantee to help you:
Target demographics
Engage brand recognition
Gain exposure to millions of new potential customers/followers
Grab daily attention from those who want to keep up with your business activity
Open up your project to other people looking to cross-promote with you.
Draw direct attention to your business website for specials/discounts
Offer you another outlet to promote your specials, discounts, or upcoming event schedule.

To get started you simply need to decide if:
A. You want us to manage your entire social network program from top to bottom, without you ever really needing to do anything.
B. If you want us to build, implement, and then train you or another employee on how to successfully use your social network pages. If you choose option B. we will offer optional maintenance (in case you mess something up and need us to fix it).

With your purchase of either of our social network management programs, as soon as we impliment your social network pages we will:
Include you in our 10,000 person weekly mailer for 1 week
Place your logo on the main page of our website for 1 week
And suggest you to nearly 1500 fans in our network that might be interested in your brand/project/act.

This is a great opportunity for you to pick up extra exposure for very little marketing overhead. If you would like more information or would like to purchase one of our social management packages, please email TJ at [email protected] If you already have a facebook and would like to promote yourself in our weekly mailer, adspace logo placement, or create your own promotional page at please click advertising above.

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