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10,000 Papercuts – Live, Loud, & Proud | Hard Rock *Tribute/Cover Band*

10,000 Papercuts - Live, Loud, & Proud

About Playing everywhere live, local and loud come on out and rock with us. Join our page and tell your friends to join too. OUR FANS AND SUPPORTERS FREAKING ROCK, WE THANK YOU ALL AND WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Biography We have been in various other bands and some of us have been in those bands together but we believe this is our best combination yet. We recently became a three piece and our musical journey has renewed energy and drive. At this time we are a cover band and expect to begin writing originals this year. We are a high energy crowd friendly group covering modern rock and some classic hard rock. Our influences are varied and come from all genres. We are continually changing our song list and updating our site – so please check often for shows, news, stats and other info. We enjoy playing the best ...

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