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The Results of Super Tuesday and Why It Matters

Super Tuesday 2016 Results

The Results of Super Tuesday and Why It Matters  What You Need To Know About Super Tuesday Thirteen states vote on Super Tuesday in the presidential primaries or caucuses — the most in 2016. What is Super Tuesday? Super Tuesday is a Tuesday in the presidential primary election season in which the largest number of states hold their primaries or caucuses. This year’s Super Tuesday takes place on Tuesday, March 1. The Super Tuesday election day typically features at least a dozen contests, which makes it likely that a candidate who performs well on Super Tuesday will go on to secure the nomination. The Super Tuesday moniker dates to the 1980 election, when Alabama, Florida and Georgia held primaries on the same day. According to a report by National Public Radio, the current, high-stakes Super Tuesday contest came about in 1988, when a dozen Southern states decided to hold Democratic ...

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