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Don’t make noise in Downtown Lakeland: Lakeland To Tighten Rules in Downtown


    Increased Noise, Fights, & Vomit….you say?! by Tj Alcock My response to this article in the Lakeland Ledger: Lakeland To Tighten Rules at Traders Alley Bar After Complaints Just stop already, because it’s ridiculous. Vomit in the streets, really. Let’s be honest, that vomit is from all the homeless and their bottles of cheap, less than well, vodka. Clean up the homeless and there will be less vomit in your streets. Fights; find me a bar in town that doesn’t have a disturbance after the drinks are flowing and I’ll give you an award. The security at any and all high capacity nightlife venues here in Lakeland are some of the best around, but instances of violence are always possible if/where alcohol is served.. Noise; There isn’t a bar in town that doesn’t make noise….martini bar, sports bar, restaurant, live music venue, you name it. There is nothing ...

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