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Football season is upon us and that means one very important thing – the return of Fantasy Football. The preseason has started and fantasy football owners across the nation are scouting players and making draft lists. While planning a roster and finding the best sleeper picks are important, picking a great team name shouldn’t be put on the back burner. Why? Because while only one team in your league can win the coveted championship, everyone has the chance to win bragging rights with a unique, funny, crazy, cool or even slightly dirty fantasy football team name. An epic team name can insight laughter, feature a favorite player and reference sports headlines, all while showing off how clever you are. Alas, we know it’s not always easy to come up with a good one so we’ve compiled a few of  the best fantasy football team names for the 2015 Season. Did your name make the cut? If not, add it in the comment section!

Multiple Scorgasms
Victorious Secret
Here for Beer
Designated Drinkers
Cunning Stunts
Chronic Master Deflators
Viscious and Delicious
The Walking Dez
Kung Suh Panda
The Bad News Beers
Welker, Texas Ranger
Le’Veon On A Prayer
Gronkey Kong
Turn Down For Watt
Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood
Lacy in Your Facey
Lynch Mob
Brady’s Soft Balls
The Real McCoy
Dez Nuts
Forte Yard Dash
Winning is My Forte
Megatron’s Decepticons
Calvin and the Chipmunks
Up All Night To Get Lucky
What The Luck?!
May the Forsett Be With You
Vick in a Box
Tickle Me Al-Mo
Multiple Goregasms
Jimmy Graham-ma’s Boy
Everyday I’m Russellin’
Medulla Amendola
Lamar Miller Time!
You Sankeyd my Battleship
Wilfork For Money
Make It Dwayne On Them Bowes
Somewhere Over The Dwayne Bowe
The Playbook of Eli
Lord, Have Percy
Percy Whipped
Golden Taint
Jameis’ Crab Shack
Matty Ice, Ice, Baby
Lewinsky Loves Clinton Dix
Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hyde
LeGarrette’s Blunt
Kevin White Walkers
Flacco Seagulls

Luck Be A Brady Tonight
The Brady Bunch
No Game This Week
You Kaepernick The Future
Final Dez-tanation
Peyton The Town Red
When in Romo
Romo Wasn’t Built In A Day
America’s Fantasy Team
Red Hot Julius Peppers
Shooting the Brees
Brees Nuts
Brees-y Like Sunday Morning
Graham’s Crackers
Forte Shades Of Grey
Manning of Steel
Luck Dynasty
Here’s My # Call Me Brady
Rice Rice Baby
Waiver Wires
The Arian Nation
Fifty Shades of Clay
For Whom Odell Tolls
ABC, It’s easy as RGIII
It aint easy bein’ Breesy
Wam Bam Thank You Cam
Kibbles N’ Vicks
Locker Room Fantasy
I’ve got a huge Peterson
72 Dolphins
King of the Tannehill
Hail Mary
Motor City Megatron
The Truffle Shuffle
Gronk if your Horny
Look at my huge TD’s
Show me your TD’s
Large Talons
Swim With The Fishes
Caitlyn Brady
TightEnds and TD’s
She Likes My Big D
The Mighty Midgets
Ball Busters

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