We have all heard of people fed up with the occasional street racer but this neighbor took that to a whole new level.  Just recently, a Lamborghini Aventador had a rocked pegged at it by a man who was mad that the drive was allegedly doing a burnout in front of the person’s house. Unfortunately, for the car owner, the pissed off citizen decided to take action into his own hands by proceeding to pick up a rock and chuck it at the Aventador, nailing it in the passenger side.

Luckily, the Aventador owner had just driven away, resulting in no further conflict. In most cases, we all know this wouldn’t have gone over so well with any other owner.


At the moment, it is unknown what has happened in terms of the angry man who decided it would be a great idea to pitch the rock at a $400,000 Lamborghini, but we’re guessing some sort of legal action will be or has already been taken.

In the video, the man on the street verbally warns the Lamborghini owner, yelling at him and telling him to leave and “stop racing” but then he proceeds to throw the rock anyway. If you look closely near the end of the video, it appears the guy threw a second rock at the Lamborghini as it sped off then man walked back into his house like nothing had happened.

You can find the video covering the entire conflict below.

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