General Information
Founded in 2010 by Alessandra Stillinger and Alicia Fields.

With Love Productions is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a unique, live musical/theatrical experience to the Polk County community.

Our mission is to fill the eyes and ears of the people to captivating and awe-inspiring artists and their artistry while raising awareness for different charitable causes.

Company Overview

If interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Alessandra Stillinger.

·The total amount of all sponsorship payments made for this event is fully tax deductible under §170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please make your check payable
to With Love Productions. In order to ensure that we do not violate our tax exempt
status, With Love Productions Inc. reserves the right to edit all proposed and submitted sponsorship acknowledgements.
· A sponsor’s logo and slogan can be displayed ONLY if they do not contain qualitative
or comparative descriptions of the Sponsors Company, goods or services.
· All sponsorship agreements are subject to signing of a legal contract binding both
With Love Productions Inc. and the sponsor to the terms of agreement agreed upon by
With Love Productions Inc. and the sponsor. (read less)

· Obtain and sustain financial stability through sponsorships and personal donor support to help maintain long-lasting success
· Build a performance repertoire of approximately 40-50 volunteers. (25-30 dancers, 10 makeup /hair stylists, 10 technicians)
· Produce an entertaining, unique, and memorable musical/theatrical experience in which the Polk County community can take part and thoroughly enjoy
· Spread the awareness for Behcet’s disease
o Behcet’s disease is an autoimmune disease which causes the immune system to attack and harm the bodies’ own tissues
o People who suffer from Behcet’s often develop arthritis, brain inflammation, osteoporosis, and fiber milagia.
o The exact cause of Behcet’s disease is unknown
· Donate 25% of show’s proceeds to charity.LONG TERM GOALS
· Recruit more talented volunteers who wish to serve and entertain the community through our organization
· Continue to build and maintain relationships with dedicated patrons to secure financial stability
· Illicit and maintain the community’s desire for local musical theatre
· Establish and secure a sustainable business model that will enable With Love Productions to produce more musical/theatrical performances in the future (read less)


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