Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, 2010 World Series Champions. This series ended the way the season began, with pitchers dominating and dictating the outcome. In the end, the pitching staff for San Francisco were truly Giants. Leading the way for this fearless staff was Tim Lincecum, “The Freak.” This kid is something else and it seems like he is getting better with age, which is scary! Lincecum debuted in 2007, won the NL Cy Young award in ‘08 and ‘09, and very well could’ve won it this season if not for an 0-5 record in August. Lincecum bounced back in a big way with a 5-1 record in September and a 4-1 record in the playoffs. His postseason record is probably the most impressive in recent memory. In leading the Giants to the title, Lincecum defeated Derek Lowe, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee…twice! That is some strong work. He could’ve easily been 5-0 this October if not for a hot shot off the glove of Aubrey Huff against the Phillies. Nevertheless, they got it done. They beat an explosive offensive team in the Texas Rangers, who cooled off at the worst possible time. Give the Rangers their due though. They made their first World Series appearance in franchise history while beating two of “the Beasts of the East,” the Rays and Yankees (thank God). It was refreshing to see some new faces in the Fall Classic. Not to mention the added kudos to the Giants for winning it without Barry Bonds on their roster. This Giant team reminded me of the 2004 Red Sox, which made it fun to watch for me personally. The new “Idiots” played like they didn’t know any better. They weren’t supposed to beat the Phillies. They weren’t supposed to beat Cliff Lee and the Rangers, but they did. That “no fear” attitude served them well. So again, congrats to the 2010 San Francisco Giants. To Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, and the rest of the pitching staff. To Cody Ross, Juan Uribe, Edgar Renteria, and of course my boy from FSU, Buster Posey. And last but not least, Aubrey Huff and his creepy red thong superstition. Wow! No offense to football season, but is it baseball season yet?

Written by: Chad Whittington

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