Saturday, July 9 · 4:00pm – 11:30pm

West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant

2215 South Combee Road
Lakeland, FL

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Four months ago a great Polk County pediatrician suffered a stroke and other problems which affected his brain leaving Dr. Miguel Diaz in a coma for six weeks. Dr. Diaz was a dedicated pediatrician who never denied anyone his services regardless if the patient had medical insurance or not. He even helped his patients’ families with the costs of their prescriptions. His mission was to SERVE FIRST!Dr. Diaz woke up from his coma and he is currently in a rehab facility. This human being shared his love, dedication, passion, and money to all his patients…and now his family needs you. The costs for rehab are outrageous and his family is reaching out to this community to help them – the same way he always helped others! A group of Polk County doctors along with the patients of Dr. Diaz have contacted us for help, and we are helping!On Saturday, July 9th at 4:00pm the management of West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant in Lakeland will donate the 50% of all the revenue for that day to Dr. Diaz’ fund! Please come with your family and support this fundraising event! Let’s help Dr. Diaz the same way that he helped our Polk County kids for the last 14 years! Now it is our turn to show him our appreciation!

Let’s get together to enjoy the delicious food and music!! Thank YOU!


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