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TBA Marketing

TBA Marketing - Lakeland Web Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO

About TBA Marketing

TBA Marketing is owned and operated by TJ & Brook Alcock. TBA is an innovative digital marketing agency with a strong focus in social media and business consulting, with the added twist of being web developers.

At TBA Marketing, we help entertainers, athletes, entrepreneurs & companies further their brands by identifying their target clientele and which outlets will drive the most traffic to them. From there, we customize a strategy that will help reach new prospects, generate more leads & conversions, and strengthen relationships with existing and future clientele.

We each have over 10 years experience in sports, entertainment, and business marketing; having been the lead marketing & communications team for an international MMA organization for nearly 10 years, while promoting several local businesses throughout Florida, prior to opening this company in 2016.

Putting our expertise in marketing and social media to work for you is, in many ways, better than having an in-house marketing team on payroll! We’re available when you need us for anything you need, offer an outside expert perspective, and only bill you for the work we do…not lunches and personal time!

The added twist we mentioned is that T.J. has been developing websites for over 18+ years and in the last few years Brook has taken on learning to build websites as well. Together, we continue to expand our skills as google and other search engines shift their requirements to pair with the rapidly advancing mobile responsive world. With websites generally being the online home and face for most company’s, we’ve learned how to master the appeal and keep businesses at the top of their industry through stellar / sleek web design.

Our company is based in our hometown of Lakeland, the heart of central Florida. We have clients located as close as around the corner, to across the ocean. While we prefer to meet in person at your business, to get a feel for what you do, those who are 100’s of miles away are never out of reach. We’re always only a click or call away!