If you had Brighthouse (internet and/or cable), and you stayed with them through the switch to Spectrum, check your bills to see if you were charged a one-time connection fee of $9.99.


Here is an encounter one of our friends had with Brighthouse (now Spectrum) today when she noticed an increase on her monthly bill:

“….When I called to question this, they said it was for when the technician came out. When I explained I was already with them and that no technician ever came out, he then backpedaled and said that they were charging everyone that fee since the companies switched. At that point, of course I got an attitude and told him I wasn’t going to pay some made up fee to try to make up for all the customers that were canceling, and that it sounded like stealing to me. He told me that under no circumstances was he able to remove that fee. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, she got on the phone, looked at my bill, and said that I wasn’t supposed to be charged that, since I was already an existing customer. She was super nice, and took the fee off…no muss, no fuss. She explained that the computer was charging everyone that, since it couldn’t differentiate between new and existing customers. So, my point is…you may have a bull**** charge on your bill that they are hoping you don’t notice and just pay…and if you do, call about it and if they give you a hard time, keep on it...it CAN and SHOULD be taken off…….”

Please be sure to check your bill and call the company, if you are being taken advantage of.

Here is the link to their contact page if you would like to get in touch: https://brighthouse.com/contact.html


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