Lake Wales, Florida and Surrounding Areas: JANUARY 19-22 is your chance to catch Cirque Italia‘s 2017 tour!! You DO NOT want to miss your opportunity to see this amazing show!!!

Jan 19-22nd - Cirque Italia Traveling Circus Heads to Lake Wales, FL

Jan 19-22nd – Cirque Italia Traveling Circus Heads to Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, FL

Tickets on Sale Now:!!!

When: January 19-22
Where: 451 Eagle Ridge Dr. Lake Wales, FL 33859
At: Eagle Ridge Mall
—Under the stunning White & Blue Big Top Tent

• Jan 19 – Thurs: 7:30pm
• Jan 20-  Friday: 7:30pm
• Jan 21 – Saturday: 1:30, 4:30, & 7:30pm
• Jan 22 – Sunday: 1:30pm, 4:30pm

Prices range from $10-$50.

Box office hours:
The box office opens on-site on Tuesday, the week of the show.
Non-show days: 10am – 6pm
On show days: 10am – 9pm


About Cirque Italia

Many people dream of visiting Europe one day, and immersing themselves into the culture. In less than one week, you will have the chance to experience a traditional event enjoyed in every village, town, and city across the “Old World:” A GENUINE, EUROPEAN TRAVELING CIRCUS WITH A UNIQUE FEATURE NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN AMERICA. Cirque Italia has gathered circus performers from around the world for this year’s production. The Cirque Italia owner decided to start NEW CONCEPT in America with a TRAVELING 35,000 GALLON WATER STAGE!!!

This 40 foot Broadway circular style stage is 4 feet height and contains 35,000 gallons of water inside. During the show, audience members will be surprised when the lid lifts up 35 feet in the air while a CURTAIN OF RAIN AND FOUNTAINS DANCE WITH EACH PERFORMANCE MOVE!

Some of the performances include: Coco the Clown from Argentina who rides the WORLD’S SMALLEST BICYCLE; contortion on top a 8 foot coat rack; a HULA HOOPING Balancing Act AROUND A RING OF WATER; Juggling Fusco Twins, Guinness Book World Record Juggling5 clubs for longest time at 57 minutes; A MERMAID that will dazzle little girls’ hearts while swinging above their heads; Vertacali Act ALL THE WAY FROM ITALY sings UPSIDE DOWN; and more GENERATIONS OF CIRCUS FAMILIES SHARING WITH OTHER FAMILIES THEIR TALENT FROM AROUND THE WORLD. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the 360 LASERMAN ACT! A truly magical illusion! Blades of laser light are hand manipulated right in front of your eyes! Watch the laws of physics crumble when the performer actually “holds” a beam of light in his hand, splits it into two, then bends them and spins them around like a light sabre! He even throws the beams over your head, up into the tent and creates blasts of excitement!

Come spend TWO hours with this exciting SPECTACULAR WATER AND ARTIST CIRCUS COLLABORATION! CIRQUE ITALIA is presented under a magnificent White & Blue Big Top Tent that is 110 feet in circumference and soars 70 feet in the air, where every seat is so close you’ll think you are in the Circus. It’s truly “Memories for a lifetime for Children of All Ages”.


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