Jenkins gives 800k against medical marijuana

Daughter of Publix founder gives $800K TO FIGHT Florida medical marijuana amendment

Well folks, she’s back at it again. Carol Jenkins, daughter of Publix Super Markets founder George Jenkins and founder of the Carol Jenkins Barnett Family Trust, JUST CONTRIBUTED another $800,000 (yes $800 THOUSAND DOLLARS) towards the fight AGAINST the medical marijuana amendment. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty positive there are plenty of other places and things throughout our great State that could really use even a portion of that money.

Earlier in 2014, her trust also contributed $540,000 to the Drug Free Florida Committee.  A contribution that actually helped them lead a successful effort that year to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment. Because of that, medical marijuana remained illegal in Florida.

Now, we LOVE Publix….But Carol Jenkins needs to do some actual research and stop trying to fight against something that can help so many. Especially when she is a face of one of the largest brands in the south-east. This instantly puts the big P in a bad light with so many… even though it is HER doing.


Perhaps, she could have furthered the study for effects of cannabis on her own disease (she’s battling Alzheimer’s)!!!! Studies are already out there and are proving to help slow Alzheimer’s progression and in some cases reverse it. The reefer madness people need to step back and get out of big pharms pockets!!!

She should be doing some actual research and giving that money to a worthy cause… not archaic, ill-informed propaganda groups. Maybe she’s responding to a family member who overdosed on marijuana! No wait, that’s not the case. Maybe she’s tired of all the traffic deaths from driving while high! No wait, that doesn’t happen either. Maybe she dislikes Doritos? I just don’t know….



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