LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — A giant fish tank ruptured inside the ‘T-REX Cafe’ at Downtown Disney in Florida on Monday afternoon.

Around 4 p.m., a seam on the tank apparently ruptured, causing water to spill out of the tank.
In a tweet, Kate Wallace said it was “very loud” when the tank ruptured.
“I think the seam in the tank split but the rest was still intact,” Wallace said. “Water began gushing out immediately.”

“We were sitting about 20-feet away,” Wallace said in an e-mail to WGHP. “The people sitting at the table next to it did get wet… I don’t know how they could have avoided it.”

Wallace said workers quickly entered the tank in an effort to save the fish.
“The staff did a great job of springing into action. They were clearing guests out of the immediate area, trying to contain the water and working to save the fish,” Wallace said.
One person was told the workers were able to save “all of the fish.”
The restaurant remained open while crews worked to clean up the water.


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